Social welfare

Social welfare

Adhering to Shanghai Yan 'an Pharmaceutical' the concept of "the people have auspicious life first, and the foundation will last forever", Shanghai Yan 'an Medicine always puts social responsibility first, the country needs and the society needs, and Yan' an Medicine is in the forefront. During the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the company donated a large number of urgently needed diarrhea drugs in the quake area. When the annual flood flooded in 2016, Yan 'an Medicine immediately launched the "ruthless flood, Yan' an love" activity, and sent the special medicine "Wuji paste" for the treatment of insect ding mosquito bite to the disaster areas of five provinces worth more than 10 million, which was awarded the recognition certificate signed by Vice Chairman Chen Zhu of the National Red Cross Society.

Now, where the poverty alleviation work is surging, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical has responded comprehensively, and its subsidiary Hubei Pharmaceutical has donated a health center for a poor area in Hubei province to provide a full set of equipment and needed drugs. Other Yan'an pharmaceutical molecule companies in other places are also actively participating in various social public welfare undertakings.
In May 2008, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated 50,000 boxes of Nofloxacin capsules to the Shanghai Red Cross Society.

In July 2016, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd. donated 300.000 pieces and 250,000 compound beclometasone dipropionate and camphor cream each to Hunan Red Cross Society and Anhui Red Cross Society respectively.

In July 2016, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. donated 60,000 compound beclometasone dipropionate and camphor cream to the Tianmen Charity Federation and the Tianmen Red Cross Society, respectively.
In August 2016, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd. donated 200,000,450,000 and 300,000 compound beclometasone dipropionate and camphor cream each to Chongqing Red Cross Society, Hubei Red Cross Society and Fujian Red Cross Society respectively.

In October 2016, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. donated a health center in a poor area of Hubei Province.

In October 2017, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. donated money to Tianmen Charity Federation for the living expenses of the elderly in Yuekou Town Welfare Home.

In October 2018, Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd. paired up with six poor households in Yangyue Village Committee, Sandu District, Yangpu Economic Development Zone. The company donated to help the pair of villagers to improve their living conditions, to borrow money to buy into the nursery planting farmers' cooperatives, to help the poor people accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation and prosperity, and to share the fruits of reform and development.

On January 24,2019, Qu Shen, general manager of Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd., under the leadership of the village Party secretary of Huangjiatan, carried forward the traditional virtue of poverty alleviation of the Chinese nation, and sent rice and cooking oil to 29 poor households in Huangjiatan Village, making them feel the care and warmth of the enterprise.

On December 27,2019, Mr.Wang Xueliang, chairman of Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical, completed the donation entrusted management handover ceremony of Nujiang poor School in the conference room of the company. On May 11,2020, the charity donated materials activities led by Yunnan Energy Investment Group and supported by Addington Group Shanghai Company, Fudan Shanghai Medical Alumni Association, Jiusan Society Fudan University Fenglin Road Committee, Shanghai Yan'an Medicine and other caring enterprises were held in Lumadeng Primary School.

In July to August 2021, Henan Province suffered extreme heavy rainfall rare in history.The company organized emergency materials to send them to Xinxiang City, where the disaster was the worst, and donated 815 boxes of various medical materials worth 3 million yuan.

In September 2021, Mr.Wang Xueliang, chairman of the company, on behalf of Shanghai Yan'an Medicine, donated 19,000 copies worth nearly 400,000 yuan to Fudan University to support the mosquito prevention and pest prevention work during the return to school and military training.














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