The main business of Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical includes the research and development, production and sales of pharmaceutical preparations, raw materials, medical devices, etc., through its factories in Shanghai, Hubei, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places and a national marketing network, it sells self-manufactured products and sells domestic agents. An important product of a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company's self-built marketing team covers terminal markets such as hospitals and OTC, and is also one of the leading companies in the third terminal, successfully shaping the marketing model of branded generic drugs. The medical device company under the group is engaged in the distribution of foreign high-end medical device products and modern logistics business. The company is currently introducing and developing a number of products, including new drugs and new dosage forms that fill the gaps in the country. The company has formulated a complete long-term development strategy plan.

The company upholds the founder's spirit of serving the people's health with all his heart, pursuing the perfection of quality, product innovation, and shaping the infinite value of the brand. Therefore, the foundation has been long and prosperous today. The company has now developed into a comprehensive pharmaceutical company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and investment. Including the following companies:
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd.
Wudi Rongchuan Pharmaceutical Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhenjiang Jiansu Biological Medicine Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Sanhua Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yan’an Pharmaceutical’s corporate philosophy is “the people’s life is auspicious, and the foundation will last forever”, pursuing the perfection of quality, product innovation, shaping the infinite value of the brand, and fully serving the public’s health cause.

Shanghai Yan’an Pharmaceutical’s corporate spirit "A LIVING COMPANY" is to be a company full of vitality, a company that inspires employees to continue to display their endless creativity, an indomitable company with strong regeneration ability after trauma, and a company that continues to thrive. .....



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