Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yan 'an Pharmaceutical Yangpu Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, mainly sells products of the group's pharmaceutical manufacturers and exclusive products of other well-known domestic manufacturers. The products involve respiratory, gastroenterology, orthopedics, endocrinology, dermatology, cardiovascular and other categories. Company main sales strategy for "selective distribution, intensive distribution, service terminal", for different levels (from the provincial capital, the first terminal to the rural third terminal), different nature (hospital, OTC) market, the company respectively set up a full-time business team and terminal team, at present our company built a dealer, distributors, end customers of national sales network.

Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (sells)
Shanghai Yan 'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a core pharmaceutical commercial company under Yan' an Pharmaceutical. Its business scope includes: traditional Chinese medicine, chemical API and its preparations, antibiotic raw materials and their preparations, biochemical drugs, biological products, etc. In addition to selling the products of the group's pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company also exclusively represents the products of many well-known domestic manufacturers, and the products involve respiratory department, gastroenterology department, endocrinology, dermatology department, cardiovascular department and other major categories. The company has a national sales network composed of dealers, distributors and end customers.

Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd(manufacture)
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Minhang Development Zone.The company obtained the GMP certificate of pharmaceutical enterprises on November 30,2004, and passed the new version of GMP certification in August 2014. The pharmaceutical dosage forms produced by the company include: tablets, capsules, granules, syrup and oral solvents; pharmaceutical accessories production includes: pharmaceutical inks.The company covers a total area of 13320m2, green area 2500 m2, office area 580 m2, production area 5500 m2, including 100,000 level purification area 1500 m2, warehouse area 1500 m2 and quality control laboratory 350 m2. In January 2007, the company's ERP system was successfully launched, becoming one of the few pharmaceutical manufacturers in China to conduct modern information management through ERP. Through the ERP system, the company has realized the whole process tracking from material procurement to finished product production and finished product sales. Each batch of finished product has a unique identification in the system, through which it, the use of raw materials and relevant quality information can be clearly traced, so as to ensure the drug safety of citizens to the greatest extent.

Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. is located in Yuekou Industrial Park, Tianmen City, the hinterland of Jianghan Plain, Hubei Province. It’s a well-known enterprise producing drugs at home and abroad. The main products of the company are Wuji ointment (compound becchloramethasone camphor cream). In 2018, the company successfully transferred the approval and production of muskphenol API in the Group, which is an important raw material for the production of Wuji ointment and other topical preparations.The company is an important foreign drug production base of the group. Adhering to the concept of "people-oriented, the pursuit of eternal", the company takes "caring for human health" as its incumbent. At present, it is actively introducing and developing a variety of foreign preparations, accelerate the development of the enterprise, and further enhance the competitive advantage.

Wudi Rongchuan Pharmaceutical and Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
Wudi Rongchuan Pharmaceutical and Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, located in the provincial chemical industry park in Binzhou City, Shandong Province. The factory covers an area of 100 mu, and has 4 GMP API production workshops and 3 intermediate synthesis workshops, with a total area of 6,400 square meters and an annual production capacity of 1,000 tons. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of gastrointestinal and digestive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic API and pharmaceutical intermediates. The sales network covers all over the country, as well as dozens of countries in India, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other regions. With research and development as the core driving force, the company has hired academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, established an academician workstation, enterprise technology center, industrial design center and key laboratory, and became a national high-tech enterprise in 2017. Academician led dozens of doctor, master to improve the existing API production process, and with fudan university, west China medical university, Sichuan university, east China university of science and technology, Shanghai university of applied technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai institute of organic chemistry cooperation, the improvement results applied in enterprise large-scale production. Adhering to the enterprise concept of "committed to life and health undertakings", through the research and development and improvement of API production process, improve product quality, reduce product cost, reduce production pollution and save energy consumption, it is willing to produce the most high-quality products with the most professional team, and become the most reliable partner.

Zhenjiang Jiansu Biomedical Co., Ltd
Zhenjiang Jiansu Biomedical Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhenjiang Qianjin Chemical Co., Ltd.) was established in 1966. Mainly produce and operate pharmaceutical API (benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, salicylic acid). Since 1981, the company has become a designated manufacturer of the national pharmaceutical API (benzoic acid, sodium benzoic acid and salicylic acid), with the Drug Production License and complete production technology and quality inspection facilities. The company passed the new GMP certification in July 2015.The production workshop of the company is equipped with independent product inspection and analysis room, including infrared spectrum, high performance liquid chromatography, gas spectrum, etc., can meet the annual production requirements of all products of the company. Water, electricity, gas, communication, fire protection, roads and industrial "three waste" treatment and environmental protection facilities are complete, have passed the construction, environmental protection, fire protection, safety production and other comprehensive acceptance, put into use.

Jiangsu Sanhua Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Sanhua Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang Jiansu Biomedical Co., Ltd. Founded in May 2013, the company is a vibrant emerging technology service enterprise. All our staff to "honest and trustworthy, unremitting, strive for innovation, long-term development" as the core business philosophy, internal adhere to the "fair, fair and open" as the management principle, adhere to the "understanding, understanding, mediation" as the principle of cooperation, all the staff to "steadfast work, solidarity and mutual assistance, efforts to create the greatest value for the company" as its own duty. The company's business scope involves: drug technology development, technical consulting, technical services and technology transfer; self-operated and agent import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies. Under the leadership of the general manager, all the staff of the company strive to create the greatest value for the company as their own duty, work hard, unite and help each other, and develop together. Company consists of administrative departments and experimental departments, the company mainly to related drug project research and development, through the staff independent research, and related universities and cooperation companies, make full use of rich resources, through differentiation mode to develop unique, domestic leading, with few new drugs, and complete the drug approval work, will successfully approved drug transfer to stable partners, and provide relevant technical consulting, technical help for the brothers, complete the company's main business.

Shanghai Yoshida Trading Co., Ltd
Health is the eternal theme of human beings and an important symbol of social progress. Health has become the basic goal of people's life in the new century.
As its important development plate, Shanghai Yoshida Trading Co., Ltd should era development and social needs, focus on the field of health, focus on all kinds of risk factors affecting human health and knowledge errors, advocate self health management, help people from overdraft health, fight disease way to protect health, disease prevention of new health mode.
Shanghai Yoshida Trading Co., Ltd. covers its own brand extension pharmaceutical and foreign brands. Foreign brands include but not limited to the original imported health care products from South Korea, Canada, the United States, Japan, medical products, medical devices, cosmetics and other high-end product brands.


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