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  • Alias: Muskphenol; Muskvanilla brain; thymol; thymol; 5-methyl-2-propofol, thymol; 5-methyl-2-propofol
  • Molecular formula: C10H14O
  • Molecular weight: 150.22
  • bactericidal action

The bactericidal effect of muskphenol is stronger than phenol, and low toxicity, has bactericidal and fungal effect on the oral cavity, caries cavity, used for oral and throat disinfection, skin tinea cosis, radiation disease and otitis. Can promote tracheal ciliary movement, is conducive to the secretion of tracheal mucus, easy to play an expectorant role, plus a bactericidal effect, so it can be used in the treatment of tracheitis, pertussis, etc.There is a strong mite killing effect, 1% solution kills 100% at half an hour, and 0.03% solution kills 100% at 24h. It can also be used as a roundworm repellent agent. Muskyl phenol 0.05%~0.2% solution has a strong cercariae killing effect, which can achieve 100% cercariae killing effect within 5~10min, with rapid and reliable effect and less toxicity.After contact with cercariae, cortical foaming, prick, cortical separation, dissolution and calcium reduction can occur within 2~3min. Procephalercariae were given intraperitoneal inoculation to white mice after liquid treatment for 10min, and none of them developed into acinococcariae.

Use description
1. Control of honeybee mites.
2. Save the books. When the book is moldy, you can wrap it in your pocket, add muskphenol, and make binding repair after a time. Muskphenol can kill the spores of the mold.
3. Other uses. In the anesthetic fllurane, anticorrosive. It is also one of the 599 additives commonly used in cigarettes to improve odor.
4. In the spice industry, it can be used in toothpaste, soap and some cosmetics essence formulations, but the dosage has certain restrictions.
5. It is used to make spices, drugs and indicators, and is also commonly used as drug production materials for the treatment of dermatologic mildew and tinea, such as: Wuji paste (compound becclamethasone camphor cream).
This product is produced by Shanghai Yan'an Pharmaceutical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. The approved document is Y20170002054 and meets the standard chemicals and preparations, Volume 1 WS1-32-82-89 issued by the Ministry.
Storage and transportation: Sealed in a shade and storage.

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